Excerpt from Dialing For Dollars
by Kathryn A. Governal
Good News Magazine January 1999

Interview with Bill Fields


The U.S. Postal Inspection Service warns those who want to give: there are plenty of fraud operators out there who are scheming for your money, and the last thing on their mind is "charity."

"There was a lot of ungodly things going on in some of these organizations," said Bill Fields, president of PeaceMakers.net in linois. "Instead of addressing them, I did fundraising. Did I ever lie? One I of the biggest lies that I ever did, is say if you send in $5, we'll save some kid - that's a spiritual lie. And that's one of the reasons why I don't do fund-raising now. I don't think you can do fund-raising Biblically and survive.

"I joined this organization, and they were paying big bucks for someone to write their fund-raising letters and raise funds for them, so l sat down and wrote a letter, and my letter did significantly better than their letter did," he boasted. "For three years, I wrote and communicated for all kinds of people. I helped design some of the telemarketing."

"As a young man, I walked into the relilgious arena and accepted what they told me that was the way that it had to be. I walked into religious organizations wanting to believe the best in them. And they would tell me, 'Young man, yes that's what the Bible says, but in reality,' and then would come the corruption of God's word," Fields said. "I don't think God needs this type of corruption to keep His word alive."

Fields, a former con artist from the early 80s, had executed a variety of charitable scams. "We used magazines, radio, TV, telephone, and direct mailings for our ventures. I would make statements like, 'If you send in a gift, x number of kids will become Christians.' Like their gifts were directly tied to somebody either going to Heaven or Hell," he said.

"As a human being I enjoyed power, control, and getting closer to the top of the ladder. God convicted me of that. The things that I did in His name, being a part of that world, could rightly be called ungodly and a con. I did it with a clear conscience, but I was immature in the faith and ungodly in my understandings, " Fields said.

"As soon as I became aware that I was doing something that was not right before God, yet still right before religion, I repented and became a traitor to the system."