More Witnesses - Dr. James Dobson Refuses
Biblical Reconciliation
The Biblical purpose of this and all material is God's reconciliation-not false peace.
This material is to identify a conflict/offense continues unresolved Biblically:

CINCINNATI, OH Feb.28, 2000

In Cincinnati, Ohio - a coalition representing 40 pastors and church leaders publicly announced, on radio station WCVG, their withdrawal of support for James Dobson, Focus on the Family, and ministries or organizations associated with them.

This action is based upon the group's report that Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family have promoted non-biblical doctrines that are heretical in nature, and cause separation and offense in the body of Christ. Dr. Dobson has done this by affirming and glamorizing men whose teachings and lifestyles denounced the dignity and equality of minority men, women, children, and white women.

Reportedly, Dr. Dobson has been unwilling to meet for reconciliation regarding this issue for nearly four years.

Dr. James Dobson has personally responded and phoned a local radio station, as a result of the broadcast on Tuesday (pmi note: February 29, 2000) by a coalition of Greater Cincinnati Pastors, that have outlined areas of offense by Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family. In a live interview that lasted approximately 45 minutes, Dr. Dobson related his view on the local pastoral presbytery's actions, and attempted to satisfy the doctrinal areas of offense. According to a spokesman for the group, Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family has not yet adequately responded to their requests or addressed their concerns.

The pastors announced that the disciplinary actions are a result of Dr. Dobson's refusal to adhere to the command of Jesus, as is outlined in Matthew 18:15-20. "He would not hear."

Additionally, the pastors are saying that Dr. Dobson's teaching in this particular area is destructive in that it…

1.) Erases the line drawn between believers and unbelievers,
2.) Erases the line drawn between the Church and the secular "world."
3.) Makes heroes of those who were not Christians, and who were even scoffers of Christianity.

Dr. Dobson and the Pastors need our prayers and support for a biblical reconciliation process. Unfortunately (according to Focus on the Family spokespersons as recent as 3/10/2000) Dr. Dobson is not a member of a church, making reconciliation unlikely.

Dr. Dobson's behavior is the same as his dispute when PeaceMakers tried to bring biblical reconciliation back in 1987 to the present day… see for more details…

PeaceMakers must stand witness that Dr. Dobson stubbornly refused biblical reconciliation attempts - contrary to Christ Jesus' commands in Matthew 18.



1. "Dr. James Dobson is NOT a member of a local congregation but attends several churches when in town" Confirmed Focus On The Family spokespersons at 9:52 AM, October 12, 1999 and again at 10:00 AM October 13, 1999. When asked for their names for attribution, John ? [10/12] and Ann ? [10/13] I was told the staff are not allowed to give out their lastnames...therefore there are no steward of Christ's authority (local Church Elders) to which Dobson is in Biblical submission according to Matthew 18 and Hebrews 13. It appears Dobson has removed himself from from God's Body, and must be treated as a non-believer. -END- PMI 10/13/99. As of 3/10/2000 spokespersons still affirm Dobson is not a member of local church and therefore not in submission to Christ in stewardhip of Overseers.

 WE continue to pray and seek God's peace with Dr. James Dobson and Focus On The Family, praying for their repentance and return to Christ Jesus...they continue to reject God's Biblical process...

2001--In his Nationally syndicated Column Date Janurary 7, 2001  [pmi-note that:

1. Dr. Dobson never quotes God's Word on the subject of tough love through confrontation.

2. Secondly, he promotes a secular process/organization.

3. Thirdly, the tough love confrontation that is Biblical-though not identified as Godly, and the nature of the problem-denial, that Dr. Dobson does mention are the same Biblical steps that he has so stubbornly rejected towards himself, for many years.

4. Fourth he suggests children can go for help without their parents knowing--isn't this the same principle he opposes about teens getting abortions without their parents knowlege?

5. Dr. Dobson send people needing help to this secular organization and not to God's body where they can get everlasting help and life.

God says leave this man alone and stop supporting him until he falls and repents...just like Dr. Dobson says should be done to alcoholics. Everyone who supports Dr. Dobson and Focus On The Family with money, gifts, verbal and non-verbal support contribute to his willfull sinning and the destruction of those who do not know better...May God have mercy on their souls...

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