First Published Report of Dr. James Dobson Conflict
November 1989
Dobson remains unrepentant to date:

Dobson in Danger as Non-Believer

Invitation for Dobson to return to Christian Faith
  [The portions in BLACK are the original text. RED texts are current clarifications and additions]

 WE continue to pray and seek God's peace with Dr. James Dobson and Focus On The Family, praying for their repentance and return to Christ Jesus...they continue to reject God's Biblical process...

2001--In his Nationally syndicated Column Date Janurary 7, 2001  [pmi-note that:

1. Dr. Dobson never quotes God's Word on the subject of tough love through confrontation.

2. Secondly, he promotes a secular process/organization.

3. Thirdly, the tough love confrontation that is Biblical-though not identified as Godly, and the nature of the problem-denial, that Dr. Dobson does mention are the same Biblical steps that he has so stubbornly rejected towards himself, for many years.

4. Fourth he suggests children can go for help without their parents knowing--isn't this the same principle he opposes about teens getting abortions without their parents knowlege?

5. Dr. Dobson send people needing help to this secular organization and not to God's body where they can get everlasting help and life.

God says leave this man alone and stop supporting him until he falls and repents...just like Dr. Dobson says should be done to alcoholics. Everyone who supports Dr. Dobson and Focus On The Family with money, gifts, verbal and non-verbal support contribute to his willfull sinning and the destruction of those who do not know better...May God have mercy on their souls...


"Q. My husband drinks excessively.  Aside from getting help for my family, what should I do specifically for him?  How on earth am I going to get him to go to Alcoholics Anonymous or some similar treatment program?  He is deep in denial, and I'm not even sure he's thinking right now.  He couldn't make a rational decision to save his life.  How am I going to get him to cooperate?"

A: You’re right about the difficulties you face. Begging won't accomplish anything, r husband could be dead before he admits he has a problem. Indeed, thousands die each year while denying that alcoholics.

That’s why Al?Anon teaches family members to confront with love. They learn how to remove the support systems that prop up the disease and permit it to thrive.  They are shown how and when to impose ultimatums that force the alcoholic to admit his or her need for help. And sometimes they recommend separation until the victim is so miserable that his or her denial will no longer hold up. In essence, Al?Anon teaches its own version of the love?must be?tough philosophy to family members who must implement it.

I asked Bob, a recovered alcoholic, if he was forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, the program that put him on the road to recovery. He said:

    "Let me put it this way. No one goes to AA  just because nothing better to do that evening. Everyone there has been forced to attend initially.  You just don’t say “On Monday night we watched a football game and on Tuesday we went to the movies. So what will we do on Wednesday? How about going over to an AA meeting?' It doesn't work that way. Yes, I was forced ? forced by my own misery. Pauline allowed me to be miserable for my own good. It was loving duress that moved me to attend."

Though it may sound easy to achieve, the loving confrontation that brought Bob to his senses was a delicate maneuver. I must re?emphasize that families should not attempt to implement it on their own initiative. Without the training and assistance of professional support groups, the encounter could degenerate into a hateful, vindictive, name-calling battle that would serve only to solidify the drinker's position.

Al-Anon Family Groups and Alcoholics Anonymous are both listed in local phone books.  Also to be found there is a number of the Council on Alcoholism, which can provide further guidance. For teen?agers of an alcoholic parent there is Alateen. Teens can go there and share without their parents' permission or knowledge, and its free.

"Dr. James Dobson is NOT a member of a local congregation but attends several churches when in town" ConfirmedFocus On The Family spokespersons at 9:52 AM, October 12, 1999 and again at 10:00 AM October 13, 1999. When asked for their names for attribution, John ? [10/12] and Ann ? [10/13] I was told the staff are not allowed to give out their lastnames...therefore there are no steward of Christ's authority (local Church Elders) to which Dobson is in Biblical submission according to Matthew 18 and Hebrews 13. It appears Dobson has removed himself from from God's Body, and must be treated as a non-believer. -END- PMI 10/13/99

AS of August 1, 2000 (Chuck who sought the information from FOTF executives) is saying that "Dr. Dobson IS a member of a local Nazarene church but is not allowed to give out the name"--which functionally means there is still no biblical recourse to address using Matthew 18 and Luke 17. Dr. Dobson's shameful behavior continues and now includes his so called church since they do not hold Dr. Dobson accountable for his actions.

August 1, 2000: 11:18am CDT, upon calling many Nazarene Churches in Colorado Springs I found Rev. Zell Woodworth is Dr. Dobson's pastor at the Nazarene Church Eastborough 4123 E Pikes Peak Ave COLORADO - SPRINGS, CO 80909 719-596-1929 I will attempt to bring these issues to Eastborough ruling Elders for the continuing of Matthew 18-Third Step of "Telling it to the Church". and Pastor Zell's email is

August 1, 2000:2:28pm CDT Rev. Zell Woodworth wrote back saying,

"Dear Sir, Eastborough, nor it's Church Board, are interested in hearing about your dispute with Dr. Dobson.

His, Pastor Woodworth" Enough said to now treat them as a non-church...Lord, Lord Lord...

Dobson in Danger as Non-Believer

Invitation for Dobson to return to Christian Faith
  [The portions in BLACK are the original text. RED text are clarifications made today]

Gil and Carolyn Alexander Moegerle, maintaining significant evidence supported by Biblical witnesses, charge Dr. James Dobson Founder of Focus On The Family with gross injustices violating civil laws, God's principles, and the Church. Dobson denies guilt.

This is not the forum to judge the merits of Dobson's and the Alexander-Moegerle's dispute.

Rather, it's how Dobson rejected the Biblical process for reconciliation and justice. Seemingly Dobson, Focus On The Family's Board of Directors and large numbers of Christian leaders deny Jesus Christ's commands by dedicating themselves to religious zeal while neglecting God's more important matters of—justice, mercy and faithfulness.

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices-mint, dill and cummin. but you have neglected the more important matters of the law -justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel." said Jesus in Matthew 23:23 24. It's time the Church take responsibility to correct the brethren who place doing religion above Christian relationships with God and within the Brotherhood of Jesus Christ.


God's word says these matters must first be addressed privately. First go to the wrong doer and convict them of their error. If he doesn't repent confront him with two or three others. If he keeps doing wrong tell it to the whole church.

Many hours have been spent in love, patience, and gentle instruction by Christians over the last years confronting Dobson to submit to biblical arbitration [PMI now uses Biblical peacemaking-Matthew 18 & 1 Corinthians 6-NOT secular legal term arbitration]. Others addressed include Focus VP Paul Hetrick, Focus boardmember Tony Wauterlek, and Gil and Carolyn Alexander-Moegerle about God's principles of Reconciliation and Biblical Arbitration, [peacemaking].

The Alexander-Moegerle's "agreed to biblical arbitration [peacemaking], Dobson refused. Following God's direction in Matthew 18:17 it's time to ask you, the Church, to strongly encourage Dobson to act Christian and settle his dispute within the Body of Christ.

What's The Problem?…

Beginning March 1985, unresolved conflicts between Jim Dobson and Gil Alexander- Moegerle , (Alexander-Moegerle is the former VP and on air announcer for Focus On The Family's radio, film and video programs), created division and destruction within Focus and the Body of Christ.

Failed attempts to resolve the intensifying disputes led Alexander-Moegerle to seek biblical reconciliation through the Christian Legal Society. Sam Ericsson, Executive Director of CLS, testifies he repeatedly approached Dobson calling for resolving the disputes through binding biblical arbitration [peacemaking]. The Alexander-Moegerle's agreed. Dobson refused, demanding non-binding mediation. Step two failed to bring reconciliation it's time for step three.

"A your brother sins against you, go and show him his faults, just between the two of you. H ha listens to you (repents) you have won you brother over. But if he will not listen (repent), take one or two others along so that every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses." Christ says in Matthew 18:1~16. FOUR WITNESS' CONFIRM DOBSON'S REFUSAL OF BIBLICAL ARBITRATION[peacemaking]

Ericsson, Alexander-Moegerle, Dobson spokesman Paul Hetrick, and Focus board member Tony Wauterlek all witnessed Dobson's refusal of Biblical Arbitration [peacemaking] for four reasons... One, Dobson does not trust Christian leaders to arbitrate the dispute fairly. Second, Dobson does not trust the Focus audience believing his participation means admission of guilt. Thirdly, Dobson believes neither he nor Focus has done anything wrong Finally, Dobson wants the Alexander Moegerle's to trust him to do the right thing and drop using the civil court for justice.

All witnesses agree Dobson rejected reconciliation through biblical arbitration [peacemaking], thereby blocking Alexander-Moegerle's efforts in seeking help from other believers, to be reconciled with Dobson, in the third step of Matthew 18.

"A your brother refuses to (repent) listen to them (witnesses) tell it to the Church, and if he refuses to listen even to the Church treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector (non-believer). Says Christ in Matthew 18:17. What is Biblical Arbitration [peacemaking]?

Biblical arbitration [peacemaking], involves the impartial selection of three to five Christians who act as judges/witnesses. All judges/witnesses then hear the merits of the disputes and make legally [biblically] binding decisions (bind and loose in Matthew 18:18-20), according to Biblical values, resolving the disputes and restoring peace to the Brotherhood of Christ.

Why is Dobson scared of Christian Justice?

"I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you BV my Father in heaven. for where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.- Says Christ in Matthew 18:18-20. DOBSON AND FOCUS NOT ALONE IN UNFAITHFULNESS...

Paul A. Cedar D.MIN., Senior Pastor of Lake Ave. congregational Church, as well as their denomination The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (Alexander-Moegerle's former home church and denomination) failed their spiritual responsibility to either confront and discipline Alexander-Moegerle or join Alexander-Moegerle's pursuit of being reconciled with- Dobson.

Cedar writes Alexander-Moegerle, "...I have not wanted to 'intrude' in any way... It is not my place to 'take sides'... I simply have not taken the initiative to 'hear' the other side of the story."


Rev. H.B. London, Senior Pastor of Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene as well as the Nazarene denomination (Dobson's home church and denomination) remained silent, extending damage throughout the Body of Christ.


Too many Christian leaders rebuke and avoid the Alexander-Moegerle's for seeking justice but fail to publicly call for Dobson's repentance and submission to biblical arbitration, [peacemaking]. This includes... Domain Communications, Wheaton, IL., Gil Alexander-Moegerle's next employer who coincidentally fired him claiming lack of business - instead of bearing his burden. Word Inc. Irving, TX., canceled Carolyn Alexander-Moegerle's writing contract, instead of standing with her. Pat Robertson, Charles Stanley, Chuck Colson, Tony Campolo and Bill Bright, were all too busy to help. Jerry Rose, President of The National Religious Broadcasters could have created the right forum but remains silent. Rev. John MacArthur rebuking Alexander-Moegerle's for resorting to civil law for justice, while lacking the spiritual leadership to publicly marshal a reconciliation process with Dobson. Christianity Today, Wheaton II., reported conflict but failed to establish a reconciliation process.


by seeing a brother sin but failing to act—Matthew 18:15-17, Luke 17:1-4, Galatians6:1-6, l Timothy5:19-20 and James 5:19-20.


Vice Chairman of Focus

The Alexander-Moegerle's, exhibiting Ted Engstrom's first letter which states, he's "committed to the resolution of the conflict.." Gil recounts Engstrom's verbal pledge to bring resolution to the dispute if the Alexander-Moegerle's would not use civil law to resolve the dispute. The Alexander-Moegerle's state having faith in Ted Engstrom they agreed and waited. Engstrom did nothing except turn dispute over to lawyers! Engstrom deeply injured them and the Body of Christ by failing to fulfill his Biblical responsibility


"Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the alter and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother then come and offer your gift. Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison. I tell you the truth, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny." says Christ in Matthew 5:21-26. WHY WON'T DOBSON SETTLE BEFORE GOING TO COURT?

Hetrick and Wauterlek confirmed Dobson's and Focus' commitment to use the civil law to defend themselves before first attempting biblical arbitration [peacemaking]. Dobson demands the Alexander-Moegerle's happiness with how he treats them, but Dobson rejected the risk of him being mistreated by Christian Judges / Witnesses.


Dobson and Christian Leaders call for the Alexander-Moegerle's to have faith in God while being mistreated (defrauded) BUT themselves fail to exercise faith in God's working through biblical arbitration [peacemaking].


First, Dobson and the Alexander-Moegerle's are not reconciled.

Second, it's established (by Dobson's own people) Dobson rejects Biblical Arbitration [peacemaking].

Third, Church leaders are failing to publicly hold Dobson accountable.

Fourth, Church leaders (by acting unrighteously) join Dobson in subsequently denying the Alexander-Moegerle's the ability to earn a living. Certainly these leaders significantly mistreat the Alexander-Moegerle's by failing to financially and spiritually bear the Alexander-Moegerle's burdens before any Biblical judgement.

Fifth, Dobson, Focus and Church leaders rebuke the Alexander-Moegerle's for seeking justice while rejecting public censure [rebuke-reproof] of Dobson for not submitting to biblical arbitration, [peacemaking].

Sixth, Because Dobson's and the Alexander-Moegerle's home churches and Christian leaders failed, the Church at large must act before we're all defeated and shamed before the lost world, [1 Corinthians 6:6-8].


Theologians and biblical ethicists advise that 1Corinthians 6:1-8 addresses petit issues, which limit the severity of defrauding of a believer to minor amounts. Major issues not reconciled within the Body of Christ or issues with a non-believer are addressable under the authority of the civil courts (Romans 13). It was not Paul's intent for the Church to let members be abused by those unwilling to practice biblical principles of brotherhood. Rather, Paul's intent was that in minor issues between brothers, it is better for Christians to suffer loss than to take a petty matter before civil judges and embarrass the Church with childish pettiness.

[PMI would now add that once a person-institution call themselves "Christian" and stubbornly refuse to act Biblically, according to Matthew 18, are removed from the true Church--they are now open to being taken to secular court since they are no longer treated as Christians.]

THIS IS NOT MINOR Nor is Dobson and Focus On The Family acting Christian

Could you bear the financial loss of tens of thousands of dollars, losing your career and ability to earn a living and losing your good name?

The Alexander-Moegerle's suffering continues. They are denied a livelihood at the hands of Dobson, Focus and others who treat them unrighteously. There has not been a Biblical process determining this as right behavior. This is blackmailing! Only when a Biblical process has been completed and a person judged to be treated as a non-believer (Matthew 18:17) would there be reason they should not participate in the mission of Christ's Kingdom.


We are not judging the merits of the charges between Dobson and the Alexander-Moegerle's. We've established there are [professing] Christians unreconciled. The Alexander-Moegerle's are suffering unrighteously at the hands of an unfaithful Church. Biblical arbitration [peacemaking] is still available to Dobson.


We the Church can call, write and/or visit Dobson, calling Dobson to submit to biblical arbitration, [peacemaking] The Alexander-Moegerle's have agreed. We're waiting for Dobson's return to righteousness.

Read Ezekiel 3:17-19, then contact...

Dr. James Dobson Focus On The Family 801 Corporate Center Pomona, California 91768 1 (714) 620-8500 [PMI ED-Focus on the Family is now in Colorado Springs CO and their new info is… Focus on the Family Colorado Springs, CO 80995 phone 719-531-5181]

NOTE: Dr. Dobson was given a draft of this article weeks before distribution to correct any possible misinformation or to be reconciled through biblical arbitration [peacemaking]. Dobson remains silently unrighteous and in danger of being treated as a non-believer. PMI

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