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John Bunyan (1628-1688)
It has been said that his famous allegory about Pilgrim on his journey to the Celestial City is second only to the Bible itself in number of copies sold through the ages and through out the world. It is sad, however, to note that much of what Bunyan wrote is forgotten. It is our hope to bring to you here a complete set of Bunyan's works for your library. The listing that you see below is complete. We will be adding the files as we complete them.

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GRACE ABOUNDING TO THE CHIEF OF SINNERS; in a faithful account of the Life of John Bunyan, or a brief relation of the exceeding mercy of God in Christ to him; namely, in taking him out of the dunghill, and converting him to the faith of his blessed Son, Jesus Christ. Here is also particularly showed, what sight of, and what trouble he had for sin; and also what various temptations he met with; and how God hath carried him through them. Corrected and much enlarged by the author, for the benefit of the tempted and dejected Christian.

RELATION OF HIS IMPRISONMENT, AND EFFORTS OF HIS WIFE TO OBTAIN HIS RELEASE--Offered liberty if he would leave off preaching; dialgoue with Dr. Lindale and the Justices; examination by the Justices, and by Mr. Cobb, the clerk of the peace; interview with his wife and Judge Hale; mercifully dealt with by the jailer.
Some carriages of the adversaries of God's truth with me at the next assizes, which was on the nineteenth of the first month, 1662.

CONTINUATION OF BUNYAN'S LIFE, beginning where he left off, and concluding with the time and manner of his death and burial; with his true character.

BUNYAN'S DYING SAYINGS--Of sin; of affliction; repentance and coming to Christ; of prayer; Lord's day and daily duties; love of the world; of suffering; death and judgment; the joys of heaven and torments of hell.

BUNYAN'S PRISON MEDITATIONS: Directed to the heart of suffering saints and reigning sinners.

THE JERUSALEM SINNER SAVED: or, Good News for the Vilest of Men, being a Help for Despairing Souls: showing that Jesus Christ would have mercy in the first place offered to the biggest sinners. To which is added, an answer to those grand objections that lie in the way of them that would believe. For the comfort of those that fear they have sinned against the Holy Ghost.
HTML (209k), RTF (230k), TEXT (204k)

THE GREATNESS OF THE SOUL, and unspeakableness of the loss thereof, with the causes of losing it. ' What shall a man give in exchange for his soul ?' Mark 8:37.
RTF (287k), TEXT (259k)

THE WORK OF JESUS CHRIST AS AN ADVOCATE, clearly explained and largely improved, for the benefit of all believers. The Advocate and Priest distinct offices.. always ready.. cannot be bribed.. Infinite in wisdom.. no salvation without the Advocate.
RTF (332k), TEXT (285k)

CHRIST A COMPLETE SAVIOUR; or, the Intercession of Christ, and who are privileged in it. The meaning of the word 'Intercession.' The benefits of this intercession of Christ. Its perpetuity.. He ever liveth to make intercession. The persons who are interested in it.
RTF (240k), TEXT (210k)

COME AND WELCOME, TO JESUS CHRIST; or, a Plain and Profitable Discourse on John 6:37, showing, The cause, truth, and manner of the coming of a sinner to Jesus Christ; with his happy reception, and blessed entertainment.
RTF (381k), TEXT (331k)

OF JUSTIFICATION BY AN IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS; or, No Way to Heaven but by JESUS CHRIST. I. By justification with God, we stand clear, quit, free, or in a saved condition, in the approbation of his holy law.II. By justification with men, we stand clear and quit from just ground of reprehension with them.All by the imputation of the righteousness of Jesus Christ, in which we have faith working by love.
RTF (184k), TEXT

SAVED BY GRACE: or, A Discourse of the Grace of God Showing,
I. What it is to be saved.
II. What it is to be saved by grace.
III. Who they are that are saved by grace.
IV. How it appears that they are saved by grace.
V. What should be the reason that God should choose to save sinners by grace rather than by any other means.
RTF (172k), TEXT (144k)

THE STRAIT GATE; or, GREAT DIFFICULTY OF GOING TO HEAVEN. Plainly proving by the Scriptures, That not only the Rude and Profane, but many great Professors, will come short of that kingdom: with directions how and why every one should STRIVE to enter in.
RTF (190k), TEXT (158k)

LIGHT FOR THEM THAT SIT IN DARKNESS; or, a Discourse of Jesus Christ; and that he undertook to accomplish, by himself, the eternal redemption of sinners. Also, how the Lord Jesus addressed himself to this work; with undeniable demonstrations that he performed the same. Objections to the contrary answered.
RTF (289k), TEXT (247k)

A TREATISE ON THE FEAR OF GOD: Showing what it is, and how distinguished from that which is not so. Also, whence it comes; who has it; what are the effects; and what the privileges of those that have it in their hearts.
RTF (394k), TEXT (308k)

THE DOCTRINE OF THE LAW AND GRACE UNFOLDED; or a discourse touching the Law and Grace. The nature of the one and the nature of the other; showing what they are, as they are the TWO COVENANTS: and likewise, who they be, and what their conditions are, that be under either of these two covenants: Wherein, for the better understanding of the reader, there are several questions answered, touching the Law and Grace, very easy to be read, and as easy to be understood, by those that are the sons of wisdom, the children of the second covenant.
RTF (524k), TEXT (473k)

ISRAEL'S HOPE ENCOURAGED: or, What Hope is, and how distinguished from Faith; with encouragements for a hoping people. Faith always before hope.. love brings up the rear.. hope looks to heavenly, eternal things.. too vast to be fully comprehended or attained.. it overcomes all terrors and difficulties. Hope in the Lord, for there is mercy, tender, great, rich, manifold, abounding, compassing mercy, from everlasting to everlasting.
RTF (289k), TEXT (256k)

A DISCOURSE TOUCHING PRAYER, wherein is briefly discovered,
I. What prayer is. Sincere, sensible, and earnest, a pouring out of the heart to God, by which the heart and soul are lifted up to God.
II. What it is to pray with the Spirit.
III. What it is to pray with the Spirit, and with the understanding also..spiritually enlightened to see the promises and to be encouraged.
RTF (125k), TEXT (114k)

THE SAINTS' PRIVILEGE AND PROFIT. In Coming boldly to the Throne of Grace. Christ the priest, the sacrifice, the altar, the holy place, the throne of grace, and ALL; obtaining mercy, finding grace to help in time of need. Mercy and grace distinct, both essential; our happiness centered in these important things. Who will come to this throne, and partake of the water of life that proceeds from it as a river.
RTF (285k), TEXT (251k)

THE ACCEPTABLE SACRIFICE; or, The Excellency of a Broken Heart; showing the nature, signs, and proper effects of a contrite spirit.
RTF (225k), TEXT (194k)

PAUL'S DEPARTURE AND CROWN; or, an Exposition upon 2 Tim 4:6-8. Persecutors called in the Word, dragons, lions, bears, wolves, and leopards; Paul ready to be offered up; bonds and afflictions abide him; they are tokens of the love of God. A dying bed made easy by good works done for the name of God.
RTF (138k), TEXT (126k)

THE DESIRE OF THE RIGHTEOUS GRANTED; or, a Discourse of the Righteous Man's Desires. The quality of the wicked and his fears which shall come upon him. Who is the righteous in principle and in practice.. what are his desires arising from the fear and love of God.. such as longings, pantings, thirstings after God, and all fruits of a desiring soul. The strength and objects of the desires, and their certain accomplishment, 'He will fulfill the desires of them that fear him.'
RTF (178k), TEXT (162k)


THE SAINTS' KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST'S LOVE: or, the Unsearchable Riches of Christ, Eph 3:18, 19. The extent implied in the words breadth, length, depth, and height; as far beyond all other breadths, lengths, depths, and heights, as God is infinitely beyond all creatures. Some degrees of this love may be known; he the happier who ascends the highest on Jacob's ladder; but the full extent can only be known in heaven.
RTF (261k), TEXT (220k)

OF ANTICHRIST AND HIS RUIN; and of the Slaying the Witnesses.
I. Of Antichrist.
II. Of the ruin of Antichrist.
III. Of the manner of the ruin of Antichrist.
IV. Of the signs of the approach of the downfall of Antichrist.
V. Of the instruments that God will use to bring Antichrist to his ruin.
VI. Of the causes of the ruin of Antichrist.
Antichrist is a real enemy but a pretended friend of Christ. Antichrist has a head.. the devil; a body.. the synagogue of Satan; a soul.. the spirit of iniquity. Its downfall and final ruin certain, although gradual. The Lady of Kingdoms has many daughters, all will be executed; by the breath of the Lord, her spirit will be destroyed. Come out from her, and escape her desolations.
RTF (273k), TEXT

THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD, AND ETERNAL JUDGMENT; or, The truth of the Resurrection of the bodies, both of good and bad, at the last day; asserted and proved by God's word. Also, the manner and order of their coming forth of their graves; as also, with what bodies they do arise. Together with a discourse of the last Judgment, and the final conclusion of the whole world.
RTF (281k), TEXT (252k)

SOME GOSPEL TRUTHS OPENED, according to the scriptures; or, the Divine and Human Nature of Christ Jesus. His coming into the world; his righteousness, death, resurrection, ascension, intercession, and second coming to judgment, plainly demonstrated and proved; and also, answers to several questions, with profitable directions to stand fast in the doctrine of Jesus the Son of Mary, against those blustering storms of the devil's temptations, which do at this day, like so many scorpions, break loose from the bottomless pit, to bite and torment those that have not tasted the VIRTUE of Jesus, by the revelation of the Spirit of God.
RTF (270k)

A VINDICATION OF GOSPEL TRUTHS OPENED, according to the Scriptures; and the opposition made against it by Edward Borough, a professed Quaker, (but proved an enemy to the Truth,) examined and confuted by the Word of God. And also, the things that were then laid down, and declared to the world by me, are a second time borne witness to, according to Truth: with the Answer of Edward Borrough to the queries then laid down in my book reproved. And also, a plain answer to his queries, given in simplicity of soul; and is now also presented to the world, or who else may read, or hear them; to the end (if God will) that Truth may be discovered thereby.
RTF (212k)

A DISCOURSE UPON THE PHARISEE AND PUBLICAN. Wherein several weighty things are handled; as the nature of Prayer, and of obedience to the Law: together with the way and method of God's free grace in pardoning penitent sinners, by imputing Christ's righteousness to them.

'See how the Pharisee in the temple stands,
And justifies himself with lifted hands.
Whilst the poor publican, with downcast eyes,
Conscious of guilt, to God for mercy cries.

RTF (372k), TEXT (341k)

A DEFENCE OF THE DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST; showing true Gospel holiness flows from thence; or Mr. Fowler's pretended design of Christianity proved to be nothing more than to trample under foot the blood of the Son of God; and the idolizing of man's own righteousness.
RTF (322k)

REPROBATION ASSERTED; or, The Doctrine of Eternal Election and Reprobation; wherein the most material objections made by the opposers of this doctrine are fully answered; several doubts removed, and sundry cases of conscience resolved. The difference between being reprobated and being appointed to condemnation; reprobation not the cause of sin or of condemnation.
RTF (138k), TEXT (128k)

RTF (149k)

OF THE TRINITY AND A CHRISTIAN. How a young or shaken Christian should demean himself under the weighty thoughts of the Doctrine of the Trinity, or plurality of persons in the Eternal Godhead.
RTF (15k)

OF THE LAW AND A CHRISTIAN. Law given twice.. to the sinner on Sion, in thunderings and Iightnings, blackness and darkness; to the believer from Zion, in grace and forgiveness of sins.
RTF (15k)

SCRIPTURAL POEMS, and Paraphrases on Ruth, &c
RTF (133k)

AN EXPOSITION ON THE TEN FIRST CHAPTERS OF GENESIS, AND PART OF THE ELEVENTH. A very interesting commentary, upon a different plan to any that had preceded or has followed it. Scripture its own expositor. It is the creation of the world spiritualized: published from an unfinished manuscript in the autograph of John Bunyan.
Guides for personal walk and Church fellowship, viz.,
RTF (531k), TEXT (483k)

A HOLY LIFE, THE BEAUTY OF CHRISTIANITY; or, an Exhortation to Christians to be Holy. 'Holiness becomes thy house, O Lord, for ever.'
RTF (254k)

CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOUR; being the fruits of true Christianity: teaching husbands, wives, parents, children, masters, servants, &c., how to walk so as to please God. With a word of direction to all backsliders.Having shown the good and glory of faith in Christ's blood, this treatise is to present the beauty and excellency of good works.
HTML(144k), RTF (150k), TEXT(156k)

A CAUTION TO STIR UP TO WATCH AGAINST SIN; a short Poem of sixteen stanzas. The first eight lines one did commend to me, The rest, I thought good, to commend to thee; Reader, in reading be thou ruled by me, With rhymes nor lines, but truths, affected be.

Sin will, at first, just like a beggar crave
One penny or one halfpenny to have,
But if you grant its first suit, 'twill aspire,
From pence to pounds, and still will mount up higher
To the whole soul: But if it makes its moan,
Then say, Here is nought for you, get you gone.
For if you give it entrance at the door,
it will come in, and may go out no more.

RTF (10k)

A DISCOURSE OF THE BUILDING, NATURE, EXCELLENCY, AND GOVERNMENT OF THE HOUSE OF GOD; with counsels and directions to the inhabitants thereof;

Call this a temple, or a house of prayer,
A palace, oracle, or spouse most fair,
Or what you will; God's love is here display'd,
And here his treasure safely up is laid.
Call it an alms house build ed for the poor;
Yet kings of old have begged at the door.

RTF (76k)

A CONFESSION OF MY FAITH, and a Reason of my Practice; or, With who, and who not, I can hold Church fellowship, or the communion of saints. Showing, by divers arguments, that though I dare not communicate with the open profane, yet I can with those visible saints that differ about Water Baptism. Wherein is also discoursed, whether that be the entering ordinance into fellowship, or no.
RTF (149k)

DIFFERENCES IN JUDGMENT ABOUT WATER BAPTISM, NO BAR TO COMMUNION; or, to communicate with saints, as saints, proved lawful. In answer to a book written by the Baptists, and published by Mr,. T. P [patient], and Mr. W. K [tiffin], entitled, Some Serious Reflections on that part of Mr. Bunyan's Confession of Faith, touching Church Communion with unbaptized Believers. Wherein their objections and arguments are answered, and the doctrine of communion still asserted and vindicated. Here is also Mr, Henry Jesse's judgment in the case, fully declaring the doctrine I have asserted.
RTF (177k)

PEACEABLE PRINCIPLES AND TRUE; or, A Brief Answer to Mr. Danver's and Mr. Paul's books against my Confession of Faith, and differences in judgment about Baptism no bar to Communion. Wherein their scriptureless notions are overthrown, and my peaceable principles still maintained.
RTF (54k)

A CASE OF CONSCIENCE RESOLVED: viz., Whether, where a Church of Christ is situate, it is the duty of the women of that congregation, ordinarily, and by appointment, to separate themselves from their brethren, and so to assemble together, to perform some parts of Divine worship, as prayer, &c., without their men.
RTF (103k), TEXT (92k)

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE IGNORANT; being a salve to cure that great want of knowledge, which so much reigns both in young and old, Prepared and presented to them in a plain end easy Dialogue. fitted to the capacity of the weakest. Of God, Confession of sin, Faith, Prayer, and Self-denial.
RTF (85k)

SEASONABLE COUNSEL; or, Advice to Sufferers. 'Correction to the soul as valuable as medicine to the body; better to take the potion patiently, than to have the affliction doubled by forcing the bitter pills upon us. - ' Preface.'
RTF (311k), TEXT (278k)

RTF (75k), TEXT (69k)

BUNYAN'S LAST SERMON-Preached, July, 1688, from John 1:3.
RTF (20k), TEXT (15k)


THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS: from this World, to that which is to come; delivered under the similitude of a dream, in two Parts:Part 1.-The manner of his setting out. His dangerous journey; and safe arrival at the desired country.Part II.-The manner of the setting out of Christian's Wife and Children. Their dangerous journey; and safe arrival at the desired country.
Part 1 RTF, TEXT (454k)
Part 2 RTF, TEXT (447k)

THE HOLY WAR; made by Shaddai upon Diabolus, for the Regaining the Metropolis of the World; or, the losing and taking again of the Town of Man-soul.


THE HEAVENLY FOOTMAN; or, a description of the man that gets to Heaven; together with the way he runs in, the marks he goes by; also, some directions how to run so as to obtain. With an epistle to all the slothful and careless people.
RTF (381k), TEXT (381k)

THE HOLY CITY; OR, THE NEW JERUSALEM; wherein, Its goodly light, walls, gates, angels, and the manner of their standing are expounded; also, her length and breadth; together with the Golden Measuring Reed explained; and the glory of all unfolded: as also, the numerousness of its inhabitants, and what the Tree and Water of Life are, by which they are sustained. Dedicated, 1. to the godly reader; 2. to the learned reader; 3. to the captious reader; and, 4. to the mother of harlots.
RTF (381k), TEXT (338k)

SOLOMON'S TEMPLE SPIRITUALIZED; or, Gospel Light fetcht out of the Temple at Jerusalem, to let us more easily into the Glory of New Testament truths. Solomon's temple and the materials thereof spiritualized.
RTF (296k), TEXT (265k)

A DISCOURSE OF THE HOUSE OF THE FOREST OF LEBANON. This House distinct from the Temple at Jerusalem, which was a type of the Church in her worshipping state, as the House at Lebanon is a type of the Church in the wilderness, or in sackcloth; larger than the Temple; all its parts spiritualized.
RTF (165k), TEXT (153k)

THE WATER OF LIFE; or, a Discourse showing the richness and glory of the Grace and spirit of the Gospel, as set forth in Scripture by this term, 'the water of life.' The quality; quantity; head spring the throne of God and of the Lamb.
RTF (135k), TEXT (123k)

THE BARREN FIG-TREE; or, the doom and downfall of the fruitless Professor; showing that the day of Grace may be past with him long before his Life is ended; the signs also by which such miserable mortals may be known.
RTF (153k), TEXT (140k)

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MR. BADMAN. Presented to the world in a familiar dialogue between Mr. Wise-man and Mr. Attentive.Published soon after the second part of the Pilgrim's Progress, and supposed by some to have been intended as a third part of that allegory.
RTF (454k), TEXT (412k)

SOME SIGHS FROM HELL; or, the groans of a damned soul; discovering from Luke 6:19-31, the lamentable estate of the damned, and may fitly serve as a warning word to sinners, both old and young, by faith in Jesus Christ, to avoid the same place of torment: with a discovery of the usefulness of the Scriptures, as our safe conduct for avoiding the Torments of Hell.
RTF (349k), TEXT (328k)

ONE THING IS NEEDFUL; or, Serious Meditations upon the Four last Things, Death, Judgment, Heaven and, Hell: a Poem. (Same File as EBAL AND GERIZZIM.)
RTF (118k), TEXT (82k)

EBAL AND GERIZZIM; or, The Blessing and the Curse, being a short exhortation to sinners, by the mercy and severity of God: a Poem. (Same File as ONE THING IS NEEDFUL.)
RTF (118k), TEXT (82k)

A BOOK FOR BOYS AND GIRLS; or, Country Rhymes for Children, in verse, on seventy-four things. This very interesting little volume, about thirty years after Bunyan's decease, became exceedingly popular, being published under the title of DIVINE EMBLEMS; or, Temporal Things spiritualized, fitted for.. boys and girls, of all sorts and degrees, From those of age, to children on the knees. We now have boys with beards, and girls that be Huge as old women, wanting gravity. These Emblems are forty-nine in number, besides the poetical introduction.
RTF (106k), TEXT (68k)

THE STRUGGLER;Containing the chronological order in which Mr. Bunyan's books were published, and the number of editions they passed through during his life. Thirty reasons why Christian people should promote their circulation, and the struggler for the preservation of these labours.
RTF (39k),TEXT (32k)

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